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Covers for Geodesic Domes

Geodesic Dome with PVC cover

Once your dome is set up and ready to go, you might want to cover it for decoration, insulation, structural strength for housing or storage or even keeping livestock, to name just a few of the possibilities.

The covers we offer can all be tailor made to suit your particular dome, or can be bought to size. Types of dome covers include;

Temporary/ removable dome coverings

  • PVC Geodesic Dome Covers

    See the photo above. PVC is our preferred material for covering domes as it is very durable, weather resistant and has great longevity. Available with windows made from clear pvc and doors. more info

  • Camouflage Netting

    A simple and cheap way to blend your geodesic dome into the countryside. - more info

  • Polyurethane/ Ripstop dome covers

    Looks great, shower proof, cheaper than PVC and canvas but not as heavy duty and long lasting. Available in many different colours.

  • Parachute Silk Geodesic Dome Covers

    Another simple and cheap way to cover your dome, parachute silks can impart a touch of class and can look very impressive when lit up at night. We don't sell parachute silk, you might find some on ebay for example, click here for a current auction listing on Ebay.

Semi permanent dome cover ideas

Some of the best ecological utilisations of the properties of geodesic domes fall into this category.

  • Netting for Animal keeps & Bird Cage/ Aviary Domes

    Geodesic domes are a great way to keep animals, birds, even butterflies. Metal mesh can be used for the stronger animals or birds. Finer material mesh can be used for butterflies. - more info

  • Natural Plantlife Dome Cover

    Cover your dome with a completely natural living green plant cover which grows naturally over the dome. Optionally add sprinklers or misters into the structure to encourage growth & provide a cool area for plants & people alike in hotter climates - more info

  • Pvc Greenhouse Dome

    Geodesic Domes make great greenhouses and there's no faster or easier and cheaper way to make a giant one than by covering a dome with clear pvc or plastic/ polyurethane sheeting. more info

Permanent/ structural dome coverings

We can help if you're planning a more permanent structure, geodesic domes have been successfully used as houses, garages, greenhouses stables and stores for many years now. See our dome homes page for more details.

Our domes come with full architectural reports meeting safety standards for insurance & planning purposes. Contact us for more details.

  • Expanded Polyurethane Cover

    Expanded polyurethane is a type of insulation foam used in the building industry that hardens into a lightweight but very strong material. This can be sprayed onto a simple cloth cover with metal mesh to bind it together. Then the foam can either be painted to protect it from the sun or rendered & painted.

  • Concrete covering

    The frames when used as shuttering, covered with wood can be used with gunite (sprayed concrete). 



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