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How to assemble a geodesic dome

This is a movie of our team assembling a 7 metre geodesic dome for a recent festival on the beach in San Pedro;

Assembling a geodesic dome is never an easy job and the bigger the dome, the harder it is. In the movie above we are assembling a smallish 7 meter 5/8 dome which can be done easily and safely with 3 strong ladders and a team of 6 burly gentlemen building the dome from the top down and lifting the whole frame higher as you go up.

Larger geodesic domes create larger problems. A 25 metre geodesic dome for example cannot be erected using step ladders but requires some heavy lifting machinery. For these domes we use either forklifts or hydraulic cherry pickers plus a much bigger team of burly gentlemen!

If you require more detailed instructions on how to put up a geodesic dome (which bars connect with which bars for example) please contact us for some no nonsense friendly advice. We'd be happy to help.


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